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Our fleet is comprised of the latest design vehicles, which are all equipped with high top roof, hydraulic lifts, dual climate control, large windows and all special safety features required for our clients. All of the vehicles are inspected by NYS DOT and NYC T&LC inspectors every 6 months to ensure safety and excellent mechanical condition. The interior of our vehicles is modular to accommodate any wheelchair configuration or electrical mobility device, ambulatory passengers traveling with you and a considerable amount of luggage. If you need additional assistant we’ll be glad to provide. In addition the interior is beautifully appointed state-of-the-art design equipped with high-tech wheelchair access and safety lock-downs, specially designed luxury chairs, TV set, audio system, ambient lighting, multi-zone climate control, WiFi, multiple USB power outlets and many other features.

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Experienced Proffessionals

Our drivers are licensed and certified by NY City Taxi & Limousine Commission,NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. They hold commercial DMV license. NYS DMV requires annual testing and certification of commercial drivers by inspectors of DMV Bus Driver Certification Unit. All of our drivers and assistants are professionals and passed extensive company training in safe handling of company equipment and clients property. In addition we provide special sensitivity training to assure the most respectful and dignified way of dealing with any clients wishes, physical or mental conditions and mobility limitations.

  • TLC License
  • DMV License
  • Annual Testing
  • Sensitivity Training
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Safety First

In addition to regular semi-annual inspections by DOT and T&LC our drivers perform a mandatory pre-trip inspection to assure that all of the equipment is available and functioning properly. All vehicles carry multiple additional seatbelt sets and fist aid kits. All vehicle are equipped with GPS so we always know where they are and what their speed is. Drivers carry 2 cell phones for continuous communication with our offices.

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