Answers to Common Questions

Q. Can the service be provided any time?

A : YES. We work 24/7 365 days a year and 366 days in leap years, including all holidays. We’ll be there when you need us and we’ll stay with you as long as you need. Our office ours for a full staff are 8:30AM to 9PM, but there is always a dispatcher supervising work 24 hours. If you hear our recording that means we are taking reservation from clients like you, please leave a message with your name and telephone and we’ll call you back within a few minutes.

Q. Can the driver wait for me at pickup or drop off location?

A : YES. If you schedule your itinerary with waiting time the of course we will wait as agreed.  If you need additional waiting time or change destination or require additional stops, we do our best to accommodate you changes as long as it does not affect other clients.

Q. Can you provide service If a person in the wheelchair needs to be carried up or down flights of stairs.

A : YES. Unlike all special needs transportation that meet the customers outside his/her home, we always provide service from inside your home to inside the destination. If the client needs to be carried over flights of stairs we will provide a necessary number of people depending on the weight or stair configuration. Our people are trained to evaluate the situation , select proper equipment and plan the service to make sure it’s safe and comfortable for client. In rear case when you are the service first time we may need to send our representative before the trip time to evaluate potentially complicated pick-up. In some situation we will provide several people and our special equipment to insure safety.

Q. What is the seating capacity of your vehicles?

A : The seating capacity varies per vehicle. Maximum is 4 wheelchairs and 11 passengers (depending on type of mobility device).

Q. Can you provide us with a wheelchair for the duration of the trip?

A : YES. Absolutely, just let us know so we can carry additional wheelchair in the van.

Q. Can we reserve a vehicle for a whole day or several days?

A : YES. By NYS DOT rules our drivers can work for maximum of 12 hours per day and maximum of six days per week. In cases like this we may send additional driver or bring a new driver for the extended time.

Q. Can you provide long distance service?

A : YES. The longest trip we have done is New York City to Miami Florida. On trips like that there are always 2 drivers in the vehicle and depending on physical or mental condition of the passenger we may require a family member or a nurse to travel with us.

Q. Can the driver or assistant stay with client at stops to assist inside medical facilities, stores, restaurants etc.

A : YES. Just let us know  that the service is required and either the driver will park the vehicle and stay with you at all times or we will send additional assistant for this trip.

Q. Can we give tip to the drivers?

A : YES. Our employees do not expect the tip and will always deliver the best possible service, but tips are very much appreciated. We recommend 15% - 20% tip form the total trip cost, but you decide how much you provide. For you convenience you can charge tips to your credit cards.

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